Registration Instructions:  2019 Fall Football

Below, you will find the entire list of steps necessary for each student-athlete to complete, prior to August 6th in order to participate in 2019Fall Football at Prairie View High School.  Follow each step exactly to avoid any delays in play/participation: 

Step #1: Complete Our Incoming ThunderHawks Inventory (January - April)

We are very interested to hearing from you about your son and his interest in playing football in 2019.  We collect information from all interested student-athletes and their families.  Once complete, we will make sure you are in the communication loop for all things ThunderHawks Football.  You can find the Inventory here - Click Here -.

Step #2: Attend Intro Night & Sign Player Contract (May)

Our first 2019 Freshman Night for incoming freshman will be held on Tuesday,  May 7th at 4:45 p.m., and will conclude around 6:15-6:25 p.m.  All current 8th graders (9th graders in fall of 2019) are welcome.


Added, all 2019 Football Players, and their Parents, must sign the Player Contract.  The Player Contract outlines our Core Values, and core principles that govern our football team.  You can print and sign a copy of the Parent-Player Contract here.

Step #3: Get Physical and Turn In Documentation (June)

There are many different ways to get your phyiscal, one of which is at PVHS in August (although the lines can be long).  Once you have your physical, you must turn it into the Athletic Secretary in the main office at PVHS.

Step #4: Register and Sign Up Student-Athlete on Family ID System (Last Two Weeks of July)

Register online through Family ID.  Link to Family ID will be published *here* in late July when it's made available.


There is no paper. This is the only way to register for a sport ( works perfect on a cell phone too, btw). Note that coaches will not take any physicals.  All required documentation for physicals must be turned in during the Football Registration Processing time on Friday, August 2nd, 2019.


 *** Allow one business day for your athletic fee to be added to Infinite Campus. Then you must pay all past due school fees and the athletic fee before you can be cleared for try outs.  If you qualify for free or reduced lunch please be sure you apply now to be eligible for reduced fees.  You can find the Free & Reduced Application here.

Step #5: Submit Payment, Physical, and Sign Player Contract on Processing Day - August 2, 2019

The PVHS Athletic Department will process all Football Players at once, on Friday, August 2nd, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.  Your son/daughter must be ready to turn in their physical documentation, submit their payment for participation fees (if not already submitted through Family ID in Step #4 above). ​

Step #6: Attend Football Parent Night on August 15th

2019 Football Parent Night will be on August 15th, at Prairie View High School.  The meeting is scheduled for 60-80 minutes, and includes all information needed regarding season, schedules, policy, etc.  Any parent of student-athlete planning to play in 2019 is required to attend.