In 2016, with the support of a new football coaching staff, our football community has graciously revitalized the PVHS Football program with generous donations that have provided nearly 50 new helmets and 80 pairs of shoulder pads.


Our next aim is to provide each of our players with a Guardian Caps (  A Guardian Cap is a protective shell, added to the helmet, to reduce the risk of head injuries during play.  Each Guardian Cap is approximately $50. Our goal is to raise a little over $5000 to ensure ALL of our kids have one... this is one more measure of our commitment to the safety of our kids.


Opening in the fall of 2006, Prairie View High School is a senior high school in the northern suburbs of Denver, Colorado.  The mission of Prairie View High School and School District 27J, with the support of the family and community, is to ensure that all students have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for present and future competence and success."  


Go ThunderHawks!

Goal Complete:  Guardian Caps!!!


Clark Easdon | Phone: 303.898.1512 | Email:


Primary Fundraising Contact