Frequently Asked Questions


What are the costs for playing football at PVHS?

Season Athletic Participation fees are $135 per participant.  

Additionally, Summer Fees are $350 per participant, which includes fees for the following breakdown:

  • Summer Football Camp ($300) (Freshman Football Camp fee is only $100, since they will not travel to Varsity Camp in Nebraska)

  • Fall Team Meals ($10),

  • Summer Weight Room Fee ($40).  


Students who qualify for Free and Reduced lunch have applicable discounts on the Season Athletic Participation Fee, but NOT on Football Camp Fees.  All Season Athletic Participation Fee must be paid prior to your son participating with the team on August 5th. You can find more information about sign ups and registration here.

What is the first day of official practice for the 2018 season?

The first conditioning practice is August 5, 2018.  Our Summer Football Camp will be held from May 27 - June 5th.  All paperwork, fundraisers, fees, and physicals must be turned in prior to August 5, 2019 in order to practice.  Our calendar is up to date with all of the important times/dates for the 2019 off-season.

What equipment does my son need to play football at PVHS?

Student-athletes need to provide the following equipment:

  • Provide own cleats

  • Compression shorts (athletic supporter)

  • Football girdle, undershirt

  • Practice socks

  • Desired mouth guard (one that attaches to helmet)

  • Spiral notebook for notes and diagrams during film study


PVHS will supply a mouth guard if the student does not have a preferred mouth guard.  PVHS will supply helmet, chinstrap, shoulder pads, hip-thigh-tail-knee pads, and uniform (practice pants, practice jersey, game pants, game jersey).  

How do you determine playing time?

We do not guarantee playing time, at any level.  We evaluate and measure all players on three primary criteria:  Trust, Work Ethic, and Ability.  Trust is forged all year long - does your son go to class, does he respect his teachers, does he carry through on his commitments?  Work ethic is also a year long process - does your son not only show up, but work with tenacity?  Does he go '2 Steps' beyond what is expected?  Does he study his playbook? Lastly, his ability - more importantly, does your son maximize his ability? Select players will play; and not always is that the player with the most ability.  


Not all players are treated equally... but ALL are treated fairly.

Really? Yes.  Players are rewarded relative to their commitment to the process.  All players will have a fair opportunity to participate and earn their place on the team, but not all players will get equal treatment.  Those who do more, earn more, will get more... like in the real world.


How will you keep my son safe?

While football is a physical sport, and naturally injuries occur, the PVHS Football Coaching Staff has intentionally built a practice plan (with accompanying drill design) to maximize safety.  Added, we incorporate tacking practices that 'keep the head' out of the impact zone as much as possible.  Lastly, we have a strong working relationship with the school trainer to evaluate all injuries, should they occur.


If my son is injured, who determines if he can return to the game?

Note that the team trainer has the final say on who can, and cannot return to a football game if an injury occurs.  Neither a parent, nor any coach on the PVHS Football Coaching Staff (including the Head Coach) has the authority to overrule the team trainer's decision.  The same protocols used in a game are enforced during practice as well.

When does summer weight training begin?

The first day of summer weights is June 10, 2019.

When do incoming freshman start?

Incoming Freshman WILL be part of the May 27-June 5 Summer Football Camp.  We welcome incoming 8th Graders to introductory weight room sessions on Tuesdays in May from  5:00 - 6:30 p.m.  It is important that ALL incoming Freshman football players get acclimated quickly.  See the calendar for more details.

When will players get their equipment?

We will issue equipment for Summer Camp on Monday, May 27th, 2018.

However, their are specific CHSAA guidelines that we must follow concerning football equipment.  Schools may issue equipment for ONE contact camp at any point from Memorial Day to August 1st.  Schools may not issue equipment to their team or any individual player for a second contact camp. Following a schools team camp, coaches may not allow the players to have access to their equipment prior to the start of the CHSAA/NFHS season (August 11, 2018). 


Where do we turn in our money for Summer Football Camp?  What are the deadlines?

The costs to attend the Summer Football Camp is $150 (Summer Football Fees).  Checks should be made out to Prairie View High School Football.  The deadline for camp registration and check turn in is the day of camp, May 27th.  You can also turn in money/registrations to the Athletic Secretary in the main office before the last day of school.